/u/zergafis is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9403 Definitely a great bra and on top of that you are super adorable
0.9312 Oh my god that is the best dress i have seem in a while, and the combination of the dress and you are super sexy!
0.9033 Very sexy and i love the link tattoo :)
0.8542 because so far i have loved the dresses and would love to see more
0.8004 Most definitely beautiful
0.7964 That is the greatest shirt <3
0.7906 Fuck yeah Canadian cuties :) Do our country proud
0.7865 That is always a good time :D
0.7845 Loved them all :)
0.7783 I think you mean Sexy Ginger is Sexy not lazy.:)
0.7351 nice tattoos and you are sexy

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.765 Dumb ex is dumb.
-0.4939 I want to see arsenal on that ass
-0.4215 They are going to regret that not being with you
-0.1779 No, no and yes
-0.1298 Your ass most definitely made my backround folder:)
-0.128 Do gymnasts get to have all the crazy flexible sex?
-0.0516 Do you have any other nerdy dresses?
0.0 Blue polka dot
0.0 I prefer when a girl squirts
0.0 Does your lipstick always match your thong?
0.0 Also very hot
0.0 either of the blue ones