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0.9406 friend fujin are friend XD and my facet is Azazel and as i prmoised only used one turn of it and azazel multipler are more than facet for this team anyways any other question xd?
0.9098 personally idk what that is but na exclusive is sound fun xd!
0.9042 np ty ty hope help
0.8885 i cant carry but i can play in jp xd
0.8658 swipe for win stall 99cd aza for safe win.
0.8519 i have to be honest tho, this is my last and first time done this hahahbut i think yes cuz azazel buff is strong
0.8481 ya he will be hard cuz green team haha and no active too gl to ur run xd
0.8419 ops sorry ty for coming other day on twitch to talk about it haha i did afk bit on reddit. so like i said use dathena because when u use board change and no oe dathen a can help it enhanced) .
0.8176 ty Imind for mentioning <3. ya def free 5 sb helps a lot compare.
0.8074 yes killer are important for sure, dont have many in jp but saved alot of run for sure with it
0.802 yay cuz same xd

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-0.9349 also if u die at tama its so early that oh bad rng but then u die at later floor is usually sad.
-0.7783 green same/ blue same thing u do at boss. aza are locked orb so indra and just hit all u gonna do and combo with fire u have tsubaki will do damage even tho no rows
-0.7556 we all die once or more probably in arena 3! time to pay back!!!!!
-0.6486 cuz to use tsubaki dual dragon killer for boss.
-0.6486 but damage input will change so u need to find ur own on that
-0.6486 u can farm up machine athena it just ragdra and julie are macthed up on killer so make sense
-0.5829 i mean i personally do not farm a3 so maybe bad person to ask tbh.
-0.5267 no no u did goo dty for finishing him off
-0.5075 i not too sure but probably no
-0.4939 u need new damage cal then due to blue dragon are adjusted for this
-0.4717 i m not tho xd
-0.4497 just in case ppl gonna ask about carat u can use skill up mat for carat but have to provide more sb if u cant do 4 x3 sb u gonna start needing skill delay latent on carat.