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0.9442 I'm a support main and jungle is my weakest role but Ivern's passive helps him clear pretty easily so you can focus more on ganks.
0.9413 I love this video, and definitely took some inspiration from people like Gorsky and Munchyjr for my video :)
0.9148 ID: 1276080 I'm F2P so best share is 81% Jack or 100% Halloween Sora but I'm on pretty often to help with events, raids, etc.
0.8916 there's more montages on my channel and i plan to continue making ones of this style too :D glad you enjoyed it!
0.8764 Yeah, I really want one but I feel like a small space will take away from the enjoyment
0.872 Wow, that's pretty funny actually, since a lot of people found me through him.
0.8565 this drawing is so pretty :D
0.8442 In the Game Options tab, select the champion you want in the dropdown box and check the "Bind Camera to Champion" button.
0.8126 <3 glad you guys like it
0.8091 But I do think he's fun :D
0.8074 I found the show recently and I loved it, and I'm using it as inspiration for some projects I'm working on.

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-0.4784 "we are declaring war on you" "can you not for like a month, thanks"
-0.4767 hitbox is ~~borderline~~ broken
-0.4019 damn, you caught me redhanded
-0.296 Jeez I had no idea
-0.1779 I now own a K70 with MX Browns and it feels great but sometimes my fingers slip or a make a few mistakes and I think it may be because of the lightness of the keys.
-0.1779 Is it bad that I want a new mech just to get keycaps like these?
0.0 Took me about a week to make it, edited with Premiere and After Effects
0.0 for the memes, of course
0.0 In SkinSpotlights Creator Suite , under Client Hook and Misc.
0.0 Options, there is a button called Wireframe.
0.0 I think the current strategy is to buy Corrupting Potion and just push the waves constantly early game, recall, E back to lane, and do it again.
0.0 Then I edit in Premiere and After Effects.