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0.9001 this is great. went for "aw super cute oceanic islands doing their thing" to "woah that was dark" rather quickly.
0.8908 this made me laugh xD good one!
0.8908 Scotland made me laugh xD good job!
0.875 xD sticking Malaysia in the anus is surely fun.
0.8564 yeah I live close to Texas so Im a bit familiar with it :D thanks!
0.7964 this one's fun xD
0.7783 I was like "oh nice doggo" then I was like "___"
0.7618 your art is so clean and nice, Im looking forward for more of you
0.7351 God dammit this is great []
0.6988 oh snap!! love when I learn about recent events from Polandball
0.6956 they aren't bad they are better without pineapple though

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-0.743 all german words seems to describe a disgusting feeling "Ich liebe dich" = I'm gonna puke on you.
-0.6377 ugh I'd take my tacos al pastor without pia, thanks
-0.6369 I started Smith, Kelce and Hill on my fantasy, still losing despite the opponent had **O.Beckham Jr and two bye players** this is depressing
-0.5859 wtf was that
-0.5423 fuck the steelers indeed
-0.5423 nope, in the north we also eat tacos al pastor and why the fuck would they add pia is beyond me.
-0.4767 oh for fucks sake this game
-0.438 I don't know what he's made of, but the point is that his bagina is not clean.
-0.4215 Imagine my dismay
-0.3865 just stating that America isn't very good at measuring things.
-0.3612 given how the refs are taking the rules this seaso, I doubt they'd have given the TD. the "process of possesion of the ball" must be completed or some thit.
-0.2975 ouch, that kinda sucks a lot