/u/xynder0 is kind of a dick.

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0.8126 right, he's a convicted felon at this point and remaining free pending sentencing by the good grace of the Court.
0.7326 lol yeah then video you telling ur son he was adopted rofl!!!!
0.7311 as long as he's not outright violating civil rights, he has free reign.
0.7118 The agency can either keep using them for free, but more than likely they try to rotate agents that haven't hit the cap yet so as not to destroy morale.
0.6697 city was the fucking best of all time.
0.657 yeah but not as bad
0.6249 sounds great until the home invasion may i suggest a semi automatic bullpup shotgun
0.6124 some use of force was justified when he actively resisted by pulling away from the officer.
0.5994 ayyyyyyyy lmao
0.5574 nah it was like just a thing u did then got out of it and did something else u know like working at gamestop
0.5574 deserts cool at night, but phoenix is so congested, it stays hot all the time and doesn't cool off at night.

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-0.9442 contempt conviction with zero criminal history, no risk to reoffend, no danger to community, old age, etc etc.
-0.8807 in the u.s., tenants will steal appliances, fuck shit up, squat, refuse to pay rent, have parties, make meth, etc etc.
-0.8625 if i just wanted one for the hell of it i would have had to pay. edit: all veggies are shit out without digesting.
-0.8271 good, fuck him and fuck his piece of shit sons.
-0.743 where he promptly sucked a dick for crack
-0.7351 u ever suck a dick for crack?
-0.7003 no way this shit was covered by hipaa.
-0.6972 Said to stop wiping my ass so hard. You are fine bro
-0.6808 Put myself through hell.
-0.6705 Has your dad killed himself yet?
-0.6705 too close = pain only, no lock-up.
-0.6597 he walked right off that pool deck and fucked all of our moms