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0.9517 I love the coverage and finish of benefits big easy bb cream, also the nars tinted moisturizer is pretty great coverage for a tinted moisturizer.
0.9382 Love love love both the makeup forever shadows, and those Nars audacious lipsticks.
0.9067 That is an awesome compliment ;D I actually do get that kind of often, it's funny too because my husband has the biggest celebrity crush on her!
0.8885 You could do with any color really, but cherry cordial is such a gorgeous color :)
0.8834 Nars creamy radiant is a great one, it gives a radiant medium-full buildable coverage.
0.8817 Also sorry, I know your cant see both eyes and the angle is a bit funny but I don't think you can see the eye detail very well when I was looking at the camera straight on :)
0.8689 I've been reading up on it and watching videos like crazy, but some info from an employee would be great :p
0.8689 The flawless natural looking skin is perfect, the brows look too heavy and it kind of takes away from the natural no makeup look.
0.8658 Now my skin is clear thanks to skincareaddiction, and my love for makeups has grown 10000000000x.
0.8647 Not trying to come off self promote-y ;D but it would be much easier to link that than try to explain it in picture tutorial style :P
0.8622 Thats awesome to hear, because I love peach tones!

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-0.6369 When I was younger I hated it.
-0.5994 I work at sephora and have no problem making samples.
-0.5606 You don't want to get too lightheaded one day and hurt yourself.
-0.5255 No, you should not be using a glitter pigment..Well no actually, you can do whatever you want!
-0.5106 Got the bill in the mail today and same exact thing, $99 for a failed installation fee with a $50 discount.
-0.5093 It always chokes me!
-0.4027 I told her I was not going to pay for it and if I was forced to i would be canceling my service.
-0.3818 I live on a military base where there is a test for the emergency voice speaker every week.
-0.3182 Ugh it is pretty annoying.
-0.3091 That's not a bad thing, I love me a bold brow, but on no makeup-makeup days I always go a bit light handed.
-0.2766 Those two, and a shader brush are all I ever really use, no matter what the look.
-0.2617 I feel the need to burp but cannot let it out, instead these weird frog gurgling noises come out.