/u/xhavok is kind of a dick.

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0.6696 gotta love the guys who never watch it...but they know exactly what they spew!
0.6249 DOUBLEKILLER is an awesome program.
0.6154 No sugar free anything, caffeine and sugar intake is not terribly high either.
0.5859 He didn't banish the special interest groups??!
0.4526 As sensible as this comment may seem, it should not be forgotten that Obama supported the live birth abortion bill.
0.4404 http://bighollywood.breitbart.com/dflynn/2009/12/11/howard-zinn-intellectual-moron/ a good article on howard zinn and his beliefs and where they take you.
0.3657 anyone else think the so called 'edit' really doesn't change a damn thing Obama said?
0.34 As late as the 25th the President was at the UN giving a speech that said it was the video that caused the deaths of the four Americans.
0.34 I assume it's because he is giving the kids their immunizations
0.3182 Expand your mind.
0.3182 Going to the website on the poster, they sure show a lot of 'believers' for being about athiesm.

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-0.7896 The Obama admin has been trying to sell to the US media/public that Al Qaeda is on the run and weak and not capable of these kinds of co-ordinated attacks.
-0.7783 Look at what he says and prove it wrong, don't just assume because of the media stereotypes of someone you know they hate.
-0.7212 Most of what I hear about his insanity isn't actually true.
-0.6833 I'm shocked SHOCKED!
-0.5859 I seriously doubt any serious republican..or conservative would feel abandoned by the republican party and turn to the daily kos for refuge.
-0.5574 Do the same the rest of us did when shitty prof.
-0.5574 pulled this shit.
-0.5574 Republicans could have stayed home and got drunk for the last year and it would have made no difference.
-0.5106 This post is too dumb even for a troll.
-0.4767 The Sept 11th attack put their narrative in the toilet.
-0.4767 I think it may depend on your state, but they can't force you to take the test...but they can fire you if you don't.
-0.4497 You can have your opinions, but not your own facts...dems had a super majority big guy...the DEMS were blocking their own shit.