/u/xeonphire is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9186 wow, looks great, well done :)
0.9141 They all look great, the center left girl looks fantastic :D
0.9124 Wow, you look amazing :D
0.91 wow, fantastic, well done :)
0.91 wow you look fantastic, well done :)
0.9087 wow, she looks fantastic :D
0.891 wow, you look amazing :)
0.891 wow you look amazing :)
0.886 Wow, you look fantastic :)
0.886 Wow, you look fantastic :)
0.8788 You look fantastic :D I like it.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.586 but its OK for *other* people to be in a position of slavery, as long as *I'm* not in a position of slavery........
-0.5312 ah well, I guess its the old adage of "if at first you don't succeed, just give up because life is meaningless anyways"....
-0.5267 stop, stop, i can only get *so* erect
-0.4019 Can confirm, Redheads........hot damn, also freckles......
-0.2023 If you want to be in love with that girl it can be done, you can grow those feelings sometimes, i dunno.......maybe i'm just lying to myself to try and get past it all :(
0.0 daayyyuumm........have mercy....
0.0 closer to my own age...
0.0 I'm not your guy, friend...
0.0 ....well...how is his wife holding up?
0.0 Ever since I've just felt hollow inside.
0.0 People keep telling me "oh you'll find someone else" and while in the past I always "knew" that was right and that I would, now when I hear it I just "know" that I wont...
0.0 ....sooo......How you doin?