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0.9581 This looks pretty neat :) The UI at the top is really clean & I like the solution you came up with for making the 'brain' available without dominating too much UI real estate.
0.9349 Seems like an interesting idea to hopefully lower the barrier to entry for creating proc gen models, good work :) Video could do with being structured better though
0.9123 I've been following this game for quite a long time now, so best of luck with your release :)
0.9081 This looks pretty cool :) Loving the feel of that forest area.
0.902 wow, what a huge post, thanks for sharing!
0.8945 Putting out the fire ... Reads strangely to me. It's a good piece, but I found the dialogue heavy style easy to read but hard to follow. I hope you keep writing :)
0.8807 oh I am super super excited for this, I *love* the quake & tribes movement systems.
0.8689 It creates pretty natural looking patterns :)
0.868 Brain chemistry is an extremely powerful thing that's hard to understand sometimes so it's easy to understand why people with stable & healthy brain chemistry can't imagine life any other way.
0.86 This looks really entertaining, looking forward to seeing how it comes along :D Getting a papers please / pony island feel from those gifs
0.8588 Congratulations on getting the huge volume of unexpected engagement!

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-0.6115 Struggled with a lot of the being really confused by 'normal' relationship behaviors, so I'll weigh in.
-0.5994 No, there is no offline version.
-0.5664 There is a lwg dev discord server, not sure if it's open to the general playerbase though
-0.5574 You should instead have sent a modMail for us to privately deal with this issue. We will try and look into your ban.
-0.5267 It is a bonding thing, but you are in charge of taking yourself out of situations that make you uncomfortable.
-0.4767 The one thing I will say is the movement on the breath attack seems off, it doesn't have the quickness in places I'd expect if real movement.
-0.4574 For any lwg problem there's normally a guide!
-0.3811 https://np.reddit.com/r/Littlewargame/comments/67atsx/multiaccounts/dgp746y/ tl;dr - you're told not to, we won't care really, just don't abuse it or we'll ban 'em
-0.3612 Check your spam folder?
-0.3098 IP Wouldn't be implemented at the network level I'm not sure what the issue is, I'll continue looking into it, sorry for your issues.
-0.2732 Chances are it was a short ban which will be resolved shortly anyway.
-0.2263 I love the fish-creature-thing that attacked you - are they trying to get at specific parts to consume or just to attack?