/u/wwaway is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9324 The strip was great; classy, sexy, and fun!
0.9001 Oh wow, I love your body :)
0.8516 Wow, I would love to see more!
0.831 Wow, both the story and your writing were very sexy!
0.802 I love your tummy and hipbones :)
0.802 I would love to hear some audio :)
0.8016 And the 1st link OP posted, where he was trying to make her feel very comfortable and making sure she was 100% sure about shooting a sex scene.
0.7964 Yeah, Deen has some pretty interesting thoughts on the industry and porn.
0.7845 Aww She's super cute
0.7783 wow, filtyfrankasp was my favorite.
0.743 Good words of wisdom

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7351 Damn, your ass driving me wild in this.
-0.7096 fuck that peach fuzz driving me crazy.
-0.5423 A quick fuck and some poutine?
-0.4215 Killer smile too
-0.1531 i miss the hd link
-0.0516 Damn, thank you.
0.0 /u/opfeels/ /u/wwaway
0.0 You are a swell person.
0.0 Your dimples turn me on so much.
0.0 Holy cow, those back dimples.
0.0 Those hip bones driving me wild
0.0 Holy cow, made my morning.