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0.9303 Thank you :D 1050ti looks really good and an awesome price.
0.9169 Thanks :) I hope we can become a great generation.
0.8686 Thanks :) I don't plan on missing a votes :)
0.8481 Watching him and Netanyahu speak and seeing Netanyahu smile and say that he finally feels hope, it was amazing.
0.8447 OK thanks so much :)
0.8221 Thanks so much, that sounds like a really good way to start.
0.8221 Thanks :) I'm so excited
0.8075 He looks so cool :D
0.807 It sounds like a really good way to get rid of nervous energy and keep you at least mostly focused.
0.8055 Thanks so much, have a great day.
0.802 Sounds like a nice upgrade for a good price.

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-0.6759 We can not like his policy but we should not be happy that this happened to him.
-0.6663 I really don't like people rejoicing what is happening.
-0.5859 I've got the 780 Ti and i7 and I am having trouble running on low.
-0.4767 What has he done wrong?
-0.4404 I think there's a bit of hysteria going around.
-0.4215 This just makes me want to cry.
-0.4019 He says it may have been just a temporary problem on their end.
-0.4005 I had a little fight with becoming kind of anorexic but now I'm back to letting myself eat 900 calories a day and I'm able to sleep but it's still really hard for me to fall asleep.
-0.3182 Didn't realize they were going nuts today.
-0.3017 I didn't do anything and then when I emailed the specialist guy he said he didn't do anything either :I so I'm not sure how it fixed itself.
-0.296 The inquisition could have totally self funded if they just sold maps.
-0.296 Makes no sense to me.