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0.872 Trump has restored confidence in American businesses, that's why they love him so much.
0.8585 Not surprised, bunch of losers really love Alex Jones and spend a fortune for his Super Male Vitality, those idiots! But did you guys know jet fuel can't burn hot enough to melt steel?
0.8316 He should've had his huge security team get in the way of rescue efforts so he could meet a few people who just lost their homes and give them a hug.
0.8062 If there is so much support from the public for this then it could be passed into law easily I'd hope.
0.7942 [Americans were never this happy with the economy while Obama was in office]
0.784 Yea Obama loved them so much more, just look at how much he helped the black community in 8 years, it would take Trump 16 years to help the black community that much!
0.7703 You would think if "their" candidate won, he would be doing a lot more to help them out right?
0.7579 If you need Hillary to hold your hand and tell you that Russia was the reason your party lost, then I hope you do a bit of research.
0.7548 Yet they are very happy to share this to the public, since it has to do with Trump.
0.7269 has never been a democracy, since democratic government systems gives all the power to the majority, giving tyranny a perfect environment to grow and thrive.
0.7269 Hey that's pretty good

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-0.9062 The type of people that threaten violence to shut down rallies at UC Berkeley to censor the speech of those who have opinions with which they disagree with.
-0.8883 Russia forced her from ever visiting Wisconsin, those heartless bastards!
-0.8443 Didn't California try free college and it failed miserably?
-0.8244 Except the only mention of this in history books will be how it was a completely made up and baseless conspiracy and we all looked so dumb to think it was this big of a deal.
-0.7579 We didn't hear about that jury DURING the investigation, oh no, they kept that private until after they concluded there was no wrong doing.
-0.7572 Paul Ryan was against him, the media gave him airtime of course, but in the most negative way possible.
-0.7269 Healthcare or no healthcare, "old folks are gonna die" from just getting old and dying.
-0.7096 Saying one must do something in order to criticize those who have is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
-0.6808 He's a Harvard graduate and self-made multi-millionaire, but yea he's stupid
-0.6808 The tolerant Left back at it again with the death threats.
-0.6597 PC culture is absolute cancer.
-0.6249 Yea, I voted against Hillary, the worst candidate in the history of The Union, because of what Russia allegedly did.