/u/wormyone is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8638 Ty and there are plenty in my post history but yes I will make more <3
0.8271 Ty sweetie <3
0.8271 ty sweetie <3
0.8176 Thank you for the compliment <3
0.802 mmmhmmm me too I love deep penetrating satisfying work
0.7964 I love that one too <3
0.7964 Would love to later <3
0.7964 Love a good spanking
0.7964 I would love that <3
0.7964 i love this position <3
0.7964 would love the company <3

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.3089 don't I wish
-0.296 Omg sexy as hell.
-0.2932 Mmmmm this project is gonna ride my ass into the ground so hard <3
-0.1742 Very nice ass
0.0 Very very hot!!!
0.0 then cum get it
0.0 Anytime anyplace
0.0 Patiently waiting for you.
0.0 Keep them cumming hehe
0.0 Is it throbbing?
0.0 Oh really why is that?
0.0 Southern girl here