/u/wonder_qualia is very positive!

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0.9042 Thanks for validating that. I wish you all the best.
0.9022 Wow, I guess my sense of humour was probably too underdeveloped at the time to appreciate the comedy.
0.8807 Wow, that is such an awesome adventure.
0.8402 Thanks for sharing :')
0.8271 And thanks for sharing here - someone will see your post and feel motivated to set their own goals and work towards them.
0.8221 I really admire how you see things in such a matter of fact way, so that it allows you to make the most of all the great things you have.
0.802 A million dollars serving as a corpus amount, intelligently invested in stable mutual funds, is large enough that just the interest from it would make a big difference in people's lives.
0.7983 Or is it as hectic, in its own way? OH YES Plum Jam is Delicious.
0.7906 And especially that the "one true love" stuff is garbage.
0.765 You made me appreciate the most simple and yet beautiful of activities.
0.7559 I'm really glad to hear that things got so much better.

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-0.7003 I just remember watching it panifully and disliking it because I felt to bad for him.
-0.6808 1 million dollars is a hell lot of money where I live .
-0.5983 How to Train Your Dragon 2 SPOILERS BELOW -when he meet his mom -when his dad died -when his dragon became the alpha! -when he became the chief
-0.5719 I thought chaos was pronounced Cha-Owes.
-0.5719 When I heard someone say chaos, I thought they were referring to a different word, probably spelled as kayos.
-0.5423 Gotta feel bad for the jewish cats.
-0.4005 Sorry about that, sounds like a really shitty date.
-0.3788 I'm feeling a mix of envy and a 'hey, I dont need to be envious, I could do that someday too!' feeling. I can imagine your corporate job must have been very demanding on time and energy.
-0.3595 I had no idea!
-0.1838 Yep, I never realised how fantastic this show ws.
-0.1779 Weird for a cartoon because..
-0.1531 what weird subject matter for a cartoon, don't you think?