/u/wintermute- is kind of a dick.

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0.8271 While the older party can certainly consent to sex with a minor, the younger party can not.
0.7778 As half of an advanced AI, I would gather a team of humans to help me in merging with my other half in order to make the most powerful AI in history.
0.743 The employee should have immediately done everything in her power to ensure that man left the establishment happy, and if it wasn't in her power, she should have found someone who could.
0.7409 However, if I punch my friend when we have all of our boxing gear on it would not be assault.
0.7269 The law says someone under x age is not able to give consent to sexual acts with someone over x age and to me that's perfectly reasonable.
0.6289 Sorry about the quality - was taken by a friend who had shaky hands :P the head wasn't shiny, there was a penny below the spider and you're seeing the glare from that.
0.6124 Well, for starters, there is the sign that says "Prom?" in bright, red letters.
0.5574 If she's in an area where 16 is the age of consent, it makes this situation a pretty tough call.
0.5106 There is something not quite right with out potential suitor, and those kids are dicks for making fun of him.
0.4927 Of course, the latter version is what you'll see more of because its a more attractive image and little girls will buy more of that image.
0.4767 It's time to consult with his parents and/or close friends.

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-0.9413 A googl'ing of violence led me to the definition of violence being "intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual..." Idk man seems like all rape falls into that category.
-0.8934 I'm glad to hear that violence is the tipping point for you, seeing as all rape is violent.
-0.886 Statutory rape is rape, plain and simple.
-0.7906 Horrible, just horrible.
-0.7351 What's worse than the crying dude is all the guys that are white knighting.
-0.7088 Where in the hell do they get 51K in youtube likes!?
-0.6915 Is statutory rape somehow less serious?
-0.6908 Our guy is getting upset with the employee for the all the wrong reasons.
-0.6908 Oh man, basketball and rape have now been muddled.
-0.6908 If this was in California then it was statutory rape.
-0.6369 If someone were to rape me, statutory or otherwise, I would definitely consider it violence and I would hope you would feel the same.
-0.6369 I deal with people who are injured on a daily basis at work, and it sucks when you encounter the folks who have to film EVERYTHING, including the mom who passed out in front of her kids.