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0.902 I'm currently in AP Statistics and understand it quite well, do you want to maybe send a picture of the study guide and if I've made it to that point of the course I'd be happy to help :)
0.872 looks like I just missed a great opportunity to help you out.
0.8622 Haha I just want to go because it's from Shrek and it would make more a good story to brag about to my friends.
0.8588 haha hope you have fun!
0.8555 I just feel like it would be much better to directly send her the gift card and surprise her that way.
0.8316 If the time ever comes I'll probably make sure its under safe conditions and that I have trustworthy people by my side.
0.8316 I think I'm gonna go ahead and join that because even beyond these $35 it seems like a great resource.
0.813 It's a rescue center and all you basically do is play with the dogs, walk them, and occasionally greet the customers and tell them what Operation Adopt is about.
0.8126 wow that's actually a fantastic offer that they have going.
0.8074 Hopefully that moderately helps :)
0.807 This is great, thanks!

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-0.775 I prefer cool weather but this week it's been increasing up to 90 degrees and as a Californian this is basically the equivalent of the pits of hell
-0.6665 at this point I'm desperate but who woulda thought finding a ain yellow sweater would be this difficult.
-0.5984 I'm also kind of worried if seat location matters and if they'll be suspicious if we are on opposite sides of the venue
-0.5352 I'm not sure if Saturday morning with work since I usually go to Japanese Language school from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm :-/ PM me some more details of when you'll be available !
-0.5267 Or would they ask for ID and be extra likely to not let me in for lying
-0.5095 It's been quite awful actually.
-0.5078 I was thinking about doing that, but I also thought most people might not want to be bothered/me just awkwardly lingering around them until we get in.
-0.3634 I checked it out and I looked through some posts but I'm a little confused as to what flipping is?
-0.3612 Also do you think they'll think something is suspicious if our seats aren't close to the adult I'm "with"?
-0.3491 I checked the website and they listed those songs but I'm not 100% sure.
-0.34 But the LED Strip was not the multicolored one unfortunately.
-0.3222 sorry i forgot to update this post but i actually just found one at Sears my costume is complete!!!!