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0.9575 :) I know there is a lot of other ways to take screenshots without me seeing it but I hope people can read and will respect my one and only rule :) <3
0.9042 My pleasure and I will have fun for sure, thanks
0.8842 :D Wrote it for fun :)
0.873 Hi KindDaddy :D Thanks I'm glad you do so
0.872 My friday is almost over but I had a great day, thank you for asking
0.8625 Haha yeah 1-13 was just a bonus ;)
0.8553 hahaha, it must be a bit of humor involved right ;) And thank you so much!
0.835 Thank you so much Hope you will enjoy your time in here
0.8313 Thank you, that's very sweet of you :)
0.8286 Aww, my pleasure :D
0.8176 I'm glad you like what I do :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.569 No I'm not on Twitter :)
-0.5106 People steals my pictures and use them to earn money, scammers...
-0.3612 No sorry, I just wanted to say hi to all of you
-0.3612 No sorry, Sweden
-0.3182 Yeah, fuck their brains out
-0.2263 The thing with snapchat is that you only can watch the pictures during a specific time then they disappear, if I wanted something else I would have posted the pictures in here instead for example.
-0.197 haha, no I'm not :P
0.0 You noticed
0.0 I'm not even a mother yet
0.0 Customize pictures and videos for example
0.0 I do this a couple of times in the week.
0.0 I know, it's private