/u/wettoast13 is kind of a dick.

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0.8496 Really dumb question but someone tell me why basically an AFL team isnt destroying everyone and cant beat some randoms playing for fun
0.8316 good luck with the false hope OP
0.7184 lucky my last save isnt too old
0.6908 I wish i could stay home all day haha
0.5859 if darling and hutchings could kick....
0.5719 Haha good for you, I'll stick to hiding in my room, not talking to anyone.
0.5106 Especially when pc gets it for free.
0.4404 u better not
0.431 Getting nuked now wouldnt be too bad
0.4215 it was too good to be true :(
0.3612 I feel like you would be sleeping at 1:52am

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7579 im a dumb cunt so
-0.7506 dive shuey you dirty bastard
-0.7096 Fuck that pisses me off
-0.7096 Just saying he had the same problem and it can make people mad
-0.7003 Fuck that was boring
-0.6428 are they gonna release this shit or not
-0.6361 Needs more death camps
-0.5859 Stick a tackle ffs
-0.5719 Pathetic that a game could be released in this state.
-0.5574 Shit i forgot there was a game going on
-0.5574 Naitanui died for this