/u/wenonaks is very positive!

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0.9284 I wish you the best of luck and so many blessings to come.
0.9153 honestly, it took me 3 years to get mine right i make them a little different from the top picture, mine look more to a tye-dye effect practice makes perfect i'm sure you'll get it :)
0.8402 This is super helpful :-) I can't wait to visit
0.8126 Love Eternal Sunshine, by the way.
0.8109 You have the best classics in this, thank you tons!
0.7845 This could've been the beginning of an interesting love story
0.765 Go to places like Channel 10 , anywhere in Merizo, Eagle's field in Mangilao , or Yona for some great views.
0.7579 Not what I'm used to but it's fine with me (:
0.7506 I always wear things my friends give me when I'm around them so they know it is/they are appreciated .
0.7269 i have never LOLd in my life until now this is definitely sexy Jesus
0.7184 Thank you for specifying this haha

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-0.6908 your captions are kill
-0.2263 When there's a storm coming around, they'll disappear.
-0.1779 I seriously read Jr's responses in the voice he has in the show
-0.1779 as weird as this sounds, I ordered it at a place called Japanese Kitchen in Fresno, California.
-0.1366 Probably not the best place to get fresh fish but they say their shipment is every other day.
-0.0754 Oh man, I'm having a really shitty Valentine's day and this made me laugh
0.0 her instagram is @youngbiha!
0.0 ah that's so soon!
0.0 yoooo we're the same person
0.0 I'm a Sag sun, Pisces rising, Virgo moon
0.0 When there are unsold seats in the plane, non-revenue passengers can fill them.
0.0 Non-revenue travellers are typically airline employees or their dependents .