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0.8859 I am not ready to be a real team lead, but I did a great job as a project lead, and have in fact been offered another one, since my current one is wrapping up successfully.
0.8555 Whether it's your local special interest library's app to manage books, a community tool room tool reserving app, a open mic night sign up app, places will be happy to have you.
0.836 I would love to be convinced, even to the point where I'm willing to give him specific instructions for how to convince me.
0.8316 This would clear up any confusion and properly reward you for your success so far.
0.8201 I thought about that, but he has many fine knives, possibly that one or certainly one that looks much like it to my eyes.
0.8173 I'd really like to be made to feel better and stay, I just don't know how to accomplish that.
0.8074 Yes. Are there lots of jobs in tech you only need to be able to do introductory work for, that someone has convinced themselves you need years of training for, in order to feel good about themselves?
0.8047 Not quite cold calling, but people just found local services they liked, and asked if they could help.
0.802 What would you like, and what's your walk away number for a good job where you really like other things?
0.802 Bill is great at speaking confidently , whereas when I bring up that I teach Bill things, it's usually a humble brag.
0.765 "Weekly bragging sessions" sounds like a great idea.

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-0.8625 I am however terrified that his reluctance to just say "Yeah, I screwed up, you're more senior than Bill" is a sign he hasn't really changed his mind.
-0.5179 I have absolutely avoided anything along the lines of "If Bill's so senior, why did I have to teach him about x?!?"
-0.3401 I think I may have not been extremely clear here.
-0.296 Who knows, if you say 110 first, you might be missing out on 120.
-0.2732 I've been trying to cut back on this, since my manager said this to me.
-0.1761 It's really hard to say with the information you've provided.
-0.128 Since he takes them to work it's tough to know I'm not just buying him a duplicate.
-0.0935 There will also be smaller companies who won't offer that much. Over all, I'd think of pay as less of a goal number, and more of a range.
0.0 Or we're not asking the right questions.
0.0 And they all have tech jobs.
0.0 As least that way he'd have the "Well, of course I think you should have that raise, but, y'know, it's not in my control..."
0.0 That said, the skill difference between one year and two years experience for myself was staggering, just in terms of scope of things I think about.