/u/weedygoodness is kind of a dick.

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0.7959 So much so that it grates on his teammates and occasionally makes them question his conviction as a hero. In this scene we get to see what makes Wally so special as a person.
0.7925 He doesn't kill, he doesn't fly off the handle, he isn't brutal or ruthless.
0.775 Reality is where I tell some stuffy 'customer outreach' asshole that my child is getting on that boat to safety and that I don't give a fuck about their policies.
0.7579 Cool, I'll go tell 2015, I'm sure they'll be thrilled
0.7096 The best she can hope for is to end her life because there's no recovering from where she is in that society
0.6705 Batman inspires fear while The Flash inspires hope.
0.6705 Pretty sure you're not going to meet our very strict immigration policy. Do you hold a doctorate?
0.6697 I mean we're not fucking stupid, we'll hear about all of them and choose the one that looks like it actually had effort put into writing it, it's not fucking rocket science.
0.6573 Yeah, it is. If you don't know this you're some rando pleb pretender who needs to fucking internet better
0.6369 It's definitely getting trashed or sold for pennies There's zero incentive to fly a planeful of secondhand clothes a thousand miles.

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-0.9371 Alright but you're a reposting, karmawhoring faggot runescaper so what the hell do you know
-0.8885 No. Fuck Bethesda and fuck their lack of gameplay in games. Also these are just fucking templates.
-0.8818 Why the fuck wouldn't you just post this? Why would you remove the sound, destroy the framerate, kneecap the resolution and disable my inability to scroll or comment on the source? Why?
-0.8442 OP is a reposting, karmawhoring faggot with negative comment karma
-0.8119 Holy fucking shit, this again. Nobody likes a shameless autist memelord, tone that shit down.
-0.7906 Nope. Fuck you and fuck your ancient common reposts
-0.7906 Get fucked, shitclown You're local, fight me IRL
-0.743 This is a shit documentary with a biased point of view that exaggerates at every turn.
-0.7363 OP is a reposting, account grooming, karmawhoring faggot who has never commented and regularly deletes posts that don't score well
-0.7003 Yes, you should delete your reddit account and use a website that is in whatever the hell your native language is because you suck at English
-0.6908 is that where you deviously plotted the murder of /u/adriane208 so you could take their place?
-0.6908 You're a notorious reposting karmawhoring faggot and this is your boldest and oldest post yet