/u/wankfest is kind of a dick.

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0.875 What next, award him a "noble peace prize"?
0.7906 Reminds me of the Catholic Church, like when they keep changing the rules to appease to and gain new followers.
0.7645 All some of the wealthiest, most prosperous nations on Earth.
0.7579 If the Islamist's win, it would mean a lot of support for Palestine from within Egypt and Israel can't have that.
0.7371 Feel free to downvote because I couldn't give a shit.
0.7096 Most of those who benefited were Italians who settled in Tripoli and Benghazi so his point about nice buildings isn't really anything to be proud of.
0.6808 Expect a lot more of these stories in the coming days because it's a good tactic to discredit MB and garner support for the Junta.
0.6486 It has a lot to do with Israel whether you want to admit it or care about it or not.
0.6486 The US supported Mubarak right until the end when it looked like he could no longer hold on and they still support SCAF.
0.6369 They love it because it comes with so many perks.
0.6249 Good to know he was helping to [drop depleted uranium bombs on Iraqi civilians] only for 6 months.

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-0.9477 You know a war in the region is going to kill hundreds of thousands, when a small war like the one in Libya killed over 50,000.
-0.9163 I'm sure the thirty thousand or so civilians who died will all be blamed on Gaddafi, conveniently ignoring those killed by NTC and the bombings carried out by nato as you said.
-0.9036 You have to be an idiot to steal 200 billlion as nobody is ever going to be able to spend that amount of money. This is just more fake propaganda.
-0.886 The death toll as a result of the war and the conflicts that followed it comes anywhere between 500K and a million.
-0.8828 Turns out all they end up doing is bribing the poor and illiterate into converting which divides and creates so much conflict within society's and basically fucks shit up.
-0.8727 They are a war torn country and as such, they could fight you to the last man if need be because they have little to lose.
-0.8519 The idea that Gaddafi would flatten Benghazi and kill everyone there is idiotic.
-0.8402 So he's gone and killed 30 human beings in an unjust war and we the self proclaimed civilized people are celebrating it?
-0.8316 Those are estimated causalities of the war itself and recorded violent deaths according to US.
-0.8126 [Corrective rape is largely the fault of Christians in the first place].
-0.802 What part of waging an unjust war do you not understand?
-0.7964 All of them with their own families and many who will go through very similar reactions depicted in the photo even though there is no one to capture them and use it as war propaganda.