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0.9591 it looks great :D I love the hair here too :) Thank you so much!
0.9531 Very awesome to see the progress and the result too of course :) Looks great, thanks so much
0.9471 That is amazing! Thank you so much :) Glad you had fun with my picture
0.9294 Very interesting style, I like it :) Sausage finger is forgiven ;) Thank you so much
0.9278 :D The hair turned out great and I like the big eyes :)
0.9217 That's so cool :D It looks amazing, I haven't seen acrylic on wood here too much. thank you so much
0.8999 Great progress, it looks amazing already!
0.8979 Thank you, glad to know I did well on my first reddit front page adventure :)
0.8918 Great stuff :D Thank you for this
0.8873 Really nice style :) It looks really amazing
0.8832 It looks awesome :) thanks!

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-0.7125 That is a weird problem indeed, just sounds like a DOA for me.
-0.5913 I lived in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, now moved out to another Dutch city for a study, but when I visit home I am very annoyed by the tourists...
-0.5448 I cannot offer great criticism because I cannot draw to save my life.
-0.4973 ^we weren't the brightest bunch^and not completely sober either
-0.34 Though I don't know the reasoning why they went with a non replaceable one :/
-0.3089 Can't help any further I am afraid...
-0.296 Netherlands T-Mobile, no update available
-0.2023 It made me uncomfortable to watch, but after a while they grew on me or something.
-0.1232 I'm not sure about all of the permissions, but the permission for access to USB and camera are to make custom pics for your specific timers.
-0.0772 It happens to be accidental and specifically in this picture.
0.0 The two juicy angles in the middle of the video from this [goal from Giovanni van Bronckhorst against Uruguay 2010]
0.0 *chat has been disabled for 3 seconds*