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0.9556 Thanks for the kind words! My goal was to make you appreciate Diana, so I'd say I accomplished that pretty good.
0.9184 I like to plan out tracks in advance but sometimes you just sit down and go for it and it all works out . Pretty sweet vibe your track has as well!
0.9001 It's actually tougher for musicians to post WIP updates because the music tends to sound good at the END of the production cycle, versus the beginning/middle hahaha xD.
0.8955 Worked out good though! I'd love to produce music for other champions that don't have music :).
0.8955 Thanks for the kind words, and I'd love to actually!
0.8777 Hahaha that's pretty sweet man!
0.875 Special thanks goes out to my friend Elsie for helping with the vocals.
0.8621 It can be used for more than RPGs, but that's what it sounds like the most hahaha.
0.858 Check out her [YouTube channel], and show her some love! Youll notice the ending of the song finishes on more of a happy note.
0.8357 I'd love to do more champions if I could turn this into a job.
0.8316 Spreading the Equator love hahaha.

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-0.7425 Sadly soundcloud completely destroyed it the moment it went up because of copyright infringement...
-0.636 No problem!
-0.5118 That's kinda shitty.
-0.5006 I'm just a little torn because I'm really not sure if I should send it back !
-0.4588 This one took a lot longer than expected because of some unfortunate setbacks .
-0.4389 Obviously we need overworld, boss battle, and victory fanfare!
-0.3818 DBZ: Battle of Gods.
-0.3802 I've checked Ebay, and lost out on a used pair just yesterday!
-0.3612 If you read the lore carefully, youll notice that shes just a troubled Rakkor thats trying to find her identity.
-0.3612 Lullaby of the moon tells the story of Dianas struggles, and her transformation into a Lunari.
-0.2263 where the tears are real...
-0.1779 I could say "my friend" thought of the idea, but it's a pretty weak excuse sadly.