/u/veldtfotter is very positive!

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0.9555 I'd like to request my guy, Veldt, if you're willing to take him on! Thanks for doing these free art requests as a busy artist - I really appreciate your generosity and your talents.
0.9312 Love it, love it, love it!
0.9245 Hope you're well and taking care, and thank you for the kind words!
0.9227 His colours pop out, his body work is defined, and that makes for one handsome wolf! Really excellent commission mate, absolutely love the character too!
0.9191 Seriously though, I absolutely love this and this is honestly so great.
0.8966 Anything will do really! Either way, thanks again for doing this, really appreciate it when yourself and artists do these for the community - you have some great work, too!
0.8916 OMG THIS IS SO AWESOME Thank you so so much!
0.8716 Absolutely love this and this is a great bit of art!
0.8716 This is great, and I absolutely love mine!
0.8653 Absolutely love this piece dawg, really nice and the character with the shirt fits well.
0.8622 I especially love the lines on it, it has a great aliased feel to it.

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-0.8593 Looking to pick up a range of *ultra cheap* cameras to experiment and mess with. Sorry if I seem arrogant or ignorant - I'm not good to explain it.
-0.6808 Hell, I even met my mate on here and we're still talking now.
-0.6096 Haha, I'm fucked regardless due to the Sterling dropping, so I've lost a couple quid on conversion as I'm doing a big haul.
-0.5975 If I can't find a Supreme solution, I'll probably instantly order the Kilo.
-0.5574 This could just be some guy who changed the @ to some random shit, added a white background and just fueled us even further to lunacy.
-0.4588 Banned for breaking Rule One and two.
-0.4019 Have you had any trouble with DDB in your experience or are they the ones to go for?
-0.4019 If not, it might be link hopping problems.
-0.4019 Give me a shout on @veldt at TG if you're still having trouble.
-0.3804 That's quite odd mate.
-0.3804 That's very odd.
-0.3716 Not a huge fan of the latter Muse work like The 2nd Law and Drones, but am a sucker for all the stuff Resistance era and behind that.