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0.931 It's not that cut and dry, even to the supreme court so unless you're smarter than 300 years of historians and supreme court judges, I think you should accept there's debate on this issue.
0.8658 Common sense and Supreme Court decision after Supreme court decision agree on this.
0.7184 That's not nefarious, that's a private interest group acting in the interest of it's members.
0.7089 Their power, again, comes from their members and supporters that are extremely active in the political process.
0.7003 There's a pretty clear "because we need a militia" and a "therefore people should have guns" in my reading.
0.6908 It was directly addressing your common sense comment as well as the supreme court comment, particularly regarding common use. Again there are limits of course.
0.6808 I'd love tonsee gun safety as a course in every high school.
0.6697 They pay attention because NRA members and supporters are some of the most active in our political system.
0.6513 I assure you pur Congress doesn't give a shit about 90% or more of the population.
0.6369 The term *assault weapon* itself is arbitrary at best.
0.6249 The Democratic party has made enhanced gun control part of its platform. Personally I think if they dropped that they would win more elections than they knew what to do with.

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-0.9477 A lot of those major cities are seeing a rise in crime after their police forces are ignoring bad neighborhoods that they've destroyed their relationships with after decades of shitty police work.
-0.9236 I want measures that reduce **total** homicide, violent crime, and suicide rates. Because those gun deaths don't just disappear.
-0.8176 As I pointed out those deemed dangerous to themselves and others by a Doctor and the courts through the due process of law are banned from gun ownership.
-0.8176 Are you confused, are you purposely being misleading, or are you just bad at this?
-0.8176 The difference here is I'm against **all** criminal violence.
-0.8126 Assault blade ban when...?
-0.802 Magazine capacity limits and assault weapons bans are measures that have been proven ineffective at the federal level.
-0.796 America is fucked. So are you not claiming you believe more gun control measures should have been enacted after Sandy Hook?
-0.7717 Or we could apply it to militia use in which common use would refer to the standard issue infantry rifle so that would include the M16/M4 platform. Assault Weapons Bans are not *"common sense"*.
-0.7717 Opoids alone kill more Americans than guns.
-0.7589 These are not acts committed by organized funded terrorist groups ; OKC was and individual asshole.
-0.7579 All of this suggests that the bans impact on gun violence is likely to be small." - Section 3.3 "...