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0.961 Guys, I just wanna say that I've really enjoyed my time here throughout all the ups and L's, so thank you all for being so kind, informative, funny, and just overall awesome.
0.9492 Best case scenario, it could give folks like you a cool reinvention of it to enjoy, or at the very least favor over other adaptations like the old animated one you saw.
0.9468 You did a great job in delving deep into the best qualities of the film, while consistently maintaining a fresh and entertaining writing style that truly reels in the reader.
0.9231 Hey dude, sincerely, thank you so much for the fantastic contributions you've made to these great works of music.
0.9227 I hope Ayoade is able to accumulate more and more attention, he's really a great talent with a bright future ahead of him .
0.8986 Inside Out HONORABLE MENTIONS: Creed Spotlight Love & Mercy Avengers: Age of Ultron Ant-Man
0.891 I hope more people come to recognize it as the genuinely powerful, graceful film that it truly is.
0.8901 I've also heard good things about Grand Piano, so that should definitely be an interesting watch for me.
0.8658 Hey man, sincerely, thank you for the great work you've done so far as a mod for this sub.
0.8567 Thanks for being so awesome, Rand!
0.8553 I've been meaning to fully dive into the show for a super long time, and I can totally tell that I'm gonna love it!

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-0.7845 [The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford] , Andrew Dominik
-0.7845 Mad Max: Fury Road 2.
-0.7452 When the hell did Adam start to look so damn much like Casey Affleck?
-0.5574 Star Wars: The Force Awakens 3.
-0.5423 Enemy basically melted my brain.
-0.5267 You were from another galaxy, and today, you returned. Damnit.
-0.5023 Also, this is more minor, but I dig the visual look of your blog too, it's not at all cluttered or difficult to read.
-0.4939 The Hateful Eight 4.
-0.4854 I expected Twin Peaks to be weird, but I was in no way prepared for THAT level of weirdness.
-0.4389 Punch-Drunk Fight Club!
-0.4201 Being forced to watch the same thing over and over definitely can be very fatiguing.
-0.4168 But I *know* how big a deal this is that you guys made it, and I couldn't be happier for all of you.