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0.9081 love of the combination of the bra and the stretch shirt and the hand - it takes three levels of restraint to hold those gorgeous breasts
0.8932 Hard to say which I like better - the sexy lips or the sweet cleavage!
0.8807 Honestly like the first pic more due to the clear separation of the cleavage and the adorably downward putting breasts.
0.8402 Any chance we could have an opportunity to admire your figure as well?
0.802 the thing I love about those fishnets is imagining tearing them apart to get to those sweet breasts for a while before finishing in your mouth
0.7644 thank you - this is amazing!
0.7644 great work - seriously good site!
0.743 oh my god I love you
0.7351 an evening with you in my lap and a glass of good scotch would be heaven
0.7346 as utterly wonderful as those breasts are, ass up like that is pretty much entering Valhalla
0.7345 Your body looks firm and fresh - just fantastic!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6908 hard to notice a nip slip when confronted with an entire ass horizon
-0.6808 That's a hell of a thing you've got going there.
-0.6808 I think she's hot as hell.
-0.5423 that ass looks exactly the right kind of soft
-0.5081 So damn hot!
-0.4767 Sad when she retired.
-0.4019 Agent Mulder on X-Files had a porn problem.
-0.4019 Funny thing is that she's the skinny Lexxxi of porn compared to Lexxxi Luxe, who I think is also hot as hell.
-0.3818 Holy hell you are a breathtaking woman
-0.3612 That body - that thing is uncontrollable.
-0.3595 No ma'am I'm staring at your breasts!
-0.2942 got damn - the clit pix were the cherry on top of this motherlode!