/u/vanquish_islam is a total dick!

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0.9409 I'm not blaming cancer on a god, I'm pointing out how ridiculous the idea of a good god is when something like cancer exists. Just because the elite are religious nutbags doesn't mean I will be one.
0.9083 Good won't defeat evil, evil will eat itself.
0.8934 Buddhism is about the nicest coolest religion to me, there's still some "woowoo" in there but still pretty peaceful religion.
0.8464 Historical context is important except when it's attached to an ideology that says that person is the most perfect man created by god and his behavior is the highest example for Muslims to follow.
0.8225 If having a religious book is evidence of a god well then you better start praying to Mecca five times a day and also every other religion that has a book...
0.7964 The only way they should ever be released is if they relinquish their ways and accept others personal liberty to consume weed for medicinal as well as recreational purposes.
0.7964 If you have an issue with what I said contest it but you better be ready to realize that Islam is pure filth.
0.743 lol they made peace that's all.
0.743 They think Muhammad is the greatest and they think the Quran is the unaltered word of god.
0.7269 Yea I've been pleasantly surprised at how well kept this sub is.
0.7221 Very entertaining, I don't even think bad about him.

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-0.9781 Bullshit, armed Islamic terrorism started with Muhammad the pedophile rapist murderer, shit and piss be upon him.
-0.9571 It is a disgusting ideology that venerates a murdering, slave owning, pedophile rapist scumbag.
-0.9531 If you could cure cancer and you walked through a children's cancer unit would you just let them suffer and die?
-0.9477 Also if the Bible was evidence of god then god is a rotten immoral piece of shit because he said a rapist has to buy the raped girl for marriage for 50 shekels of silver, screw that god.
-0.9474 Both are hell bent on world domination, rape, child fucking, oppression and murder.
-0.9434 Fuck him while he lets little kids die from cancer, fuck him if he exists.
-0.9371 Muhammad is a pedophile rapist, and murdering scumbag.
-0.9349 The elite might manipulate Islam to further some agenda but Islam is as evil or more evil than the elite.
-0.9325 To compare we would have to compare the number of women raped in the name Islam be Judaism, the number of people murdered in the name of each, the number of oppressed women, beaten women, slaves etc.
-0.9313 He raped a woman the same die he murdered her entire family including husband and father.
-0.926 Difference is Muslim slave trade was perpetrated by their favorite pedophile rapist murdering prophet Muhammad shit and piss be upon him.
-0.9219 Even if there was evidence for such a being it's a piece of shit because it gives little children cancer so fuck it.