/u/valefox is very positive!

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0.9094 Please please PLEASE keep the AMAZING virtual reality support from Dirt Rally in 4.
0.902 Wow, these are all truly great!
0.901 I miss the drive of the FR-S, but being able to, you know, *do more stuff* is pretty great.
0.8932 Amazing shots. I'm a photographer myself, but I wish I were as talented as you when it came to product photography!
0.886 Your Pops sounds like he was a great man. I felt compelled to comment because of your unending positive attitude throughout this entire comment section.
0.8478 Wow, great shot!
0.8439 Really challenging light in this restaurant, so all I could do was my best :)
0.8357 Wow, that is absolutely amazing.
0.8316 Wonderful lighting and great perspective.
0.8268 I'm glad to help! Turning ASW/ATW off is unlikely to help.
0.8264 Wow, very impressive!

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-0.8926 The ATTACK WARNING RED sound at the end was terrifying and made me jump.
-0.5994 No problem.
-0.5423 [Here's another photo.] Pretty scary to wake up at 5am to alarms ringing and a fire blazing outside.
-0.5093 I'm a twinge jealous that you were able to capture this!
-0.4782 There is a Google Earth app for Cardboard, but it isn't nearly as good as this one.
-0.4588 That would defeat the whole purpose of VR, and it wouldn't be technically feasible given the control scheme. VR is not just a gimmick, it's just too expensive for the masses right now.
-0.4588 You have so much karma and I am unreasonably jealous.
-0.4391 I am so sorry for your loss.
-0.4284 Flying over and through my home city of Boston almost made me cry.
-0.3862 This happened less than a block from my apartment.
-0.34 Makes you feel insignificant.
-0.3338 Very, very strange to see this pop up on my front page.