/u/ujsc004 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9101 very cute :) I happen to LOVE redheads
0.8513 happy birthday! You look amazingly gorgeous.
0.8306 super cute!!!
0.8111 they're very lovely :)
0.802 love those dots :) oh...and the dots on your shirt too...
0.7959 that's definitely awesome!
0.7832 Incredibly cute butt and equally cute panties!
0.762 very cute kitty :)
0.7424 welcome, glad to have you!
0.7351 i do enjoy them :)
0.7345 love the ASSets!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.7506 boo, bad link :(
-0.5871 you have NO Reason not to be confident...WOW!!!
-0.5562 feeling naughty...but looking fine as hell!
-0.533 but...aren't your hands getting tired???
-0.5267 he's being stupid.
-0.296 no idea, only that it's not me.
-0.2755 i don't like it in this case.
-0.25 i've a replacement for that finger when you're tired ;)
-0.1027 the pigtails...the tits...the panties...the lip bite...instantly hard.
0.0 show more!!!
0.0 i would snack on you.
0.0 you don't have to ask me twice...