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0.9365 Dual sim is something none of us have thought about yet but is definitely a great feature. Thanks for your input!
0.9149 Really great work and a great looking map! Link to the mapcore thread for anyone interested: http://www.mapcore.org/topic/19986-de_republic-wip/
0.8658 People don't seem to be interested in anything physical ever since Steve Jobs popularised the concept of a touch screen. Thanks for your input :)
0.8625 Thanks a bunch, this is super helpful.
0.8436 It would greatly help us as we aren't the most experienced with everything. Thanks for the response and thanks in advance!
0.8122 I'd love a code, thanks!
0.7906 Thanks for this great response to our question.
0.7579 Yes, it's possible to create maps for all source engine games using the Hammer map editting tool. If you're interested in learning to use Hammer there are plenty of tutorials on Youtube.
0.7404 I feel like 5 SoT with the apps you use shouldn't be a huge problem on most phones. Thanks for your input!
0.7351 Thank you for the response. We are hoping to make the design and O.S of the phone as customisable as it will allow us.
0.7339 Thanks for the advice mate, really appreciate it!

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-0.7184 birdemic shock and terror
-0.4215 A lot of comments here talk of the many apps that come with a device and are untouchable, and of how useless they are.
-0.3612 If you watch the whole animation of embarrassed Denmark, he throws his helmet away and walks to the other end of the boat.
-0.296 It was one of the first things that we thought about, mainly because no 'big' companies out there do it nowadays.
-0.296 it's missing the excursion tunnels
-0.128 Make a demand
-0.0516 If anyone wants to get the achievement for losing as Korea easily, you can just put your units to sleep, press next turn and retire the game.
0.0 Anyone have any clue what the text in the background is about with the user numbers, timers, etc?
0.0 I'm into Mogwai, Sigur Ros and DEVO at the moment
0.0 One of the first AFX songs I heard.
0.0 XMAS_EVET is my favourite track from syro, followed by minipops.
0.0 Who you callin Pub player, Slacks came second at TI Kappa