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0.9252 Its been a bit difficult and at times stressful for me, but forcing myself to do it has really helped me appreciate this different style of showing affection and love.
0.9167 Its a sign that he's willing to commit to something in order to help you feel more appreciated, which is a great thing!
0.902 Long distance can be a huge challenge, make sure to take care of your relationship and your SO but also make sure to take care of yourself!
0.8843 Hope this is somewhat helpful, and good luck to you guys!
0.8765 I'm not saying that he should start writing letters as I have, but forcing myself to try out my girlfriend's primary method for communicating affection really helped her feel appreciated.
0.8555 This might not be what you think is best but its a different approach that might be good to include in the conversation I'm sure you guys will have about this :p.
0.8402 Whenever my SO and I talk about these things I have a habit of wanting to talk about the merits of every approach regardless of how much I may feel a certain one is best.
0.8074 So I decided I had to act immediately and remind her how great we are for each other and that we can ride out the rest of our time apart successfully.
0.8066 I love talking about communication :P. Edit: I really like wild_b_cat's comment about actionable requests by the way!
0.7964 Even though your partner knows that you do something a certain way, it feels comfortable and special to them if you try it their way.
0.7906 Only then after we truly felt as though freedom, individualism, and love were possible did he tell us dryly that we've been dead all along.

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-0.4795 This is also the second time we've done long distance for longer than 8 months so unfortunately we're not new to this.
-0.4767 And just because you've requested something of him doesn't mean that its fake.
-0.4588 I think Orwell intended for everything to be hopeless from the very beginning.
-0.3818 With long distance, I've found that I sometimes have to step outside of my usual routine in a potentially uncomfortable way in order to accommodate the needs of my girlfriend.
-0.3182 Exactly as you said though, its important to communicate that this isn't something that he's doing wrong.
-0.25 We've been partners for almost 3 years now and have spent just shy of 6 months of that time together in person.
-0.2263 Don't phrase it in a way that alienates one or both of you, or places blame in an exclusive way.
-0.2023 Unaware - Allen Stone
-0.1531 Badass man.
-0.128 In truth, the miscommunication led to her bringing up a whole host of other worries that she had been harboring and that had grown larger due to the distance.
0.0 Working on a measure theory assignment, currently proving some stuff about the cantor function.
0.0 Which means you must have written and recorded this in under an hour.