/u/txmilguy is very positive!

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21Overall Score
20Positive Score
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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8591 Please introduce me to your dad, I bet we would be great friends.
0.8074 I think you are super sexy
0.7906 On a positive note we get sexy pics and you get turned on.
0.7906 I would enjoy making your boobs feel amazing
0.7579 I would sure love to feel them on mine, skin on skin
0.7351 You have pretty titties and sexy hard nipples
0.7096 I would like to feel your sexy body on my muscular chest, skin on skin
0.6908 My warm and waits mouth would warm them up nicely
0.6794 More like Rise and Grind with a hot body like yours
0.6705 Im pretty sure you would need even more rest after I got done with you
0.6705 Im glad that you know, I would like to see you cumming

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.6808 I just left the gym and horny as hell
-0.5994 Hell no I would not just look at them,I would make them feel good and get you dripping wet.
-0.5664 Damn, Now Im not sure if Im hungry or horny.
-0.5423 Hey ya wanna fuck?
-0.5423 Leg curls and wide stance deep squats, or we could just fuck regularly.
-0.4939 No doubt you would be feeling it for days.
-0.296 No artificial flavors, colors or GMOs.
-0.25 And ready to fuck
-0.25 I lope you get extra horny knowing that Im stroking my hard cock to you
-0.2263 Ive got a thick Texas cock that would love the feeling of your sweet but slutty lips.
-0.1774 Please dont they are perfect as they are
-0.1689 I get so horny after a hard work out or a long run.