/u/twathammer is a total dick!

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0.7624 I would love to hear suggestions to how i can completely disprove fairies so i can disprove god.
0.652 I aint no nigger.
0.6369 gotta love that chinese calender.
0.5795 sorry im not a stoner or fake bisexual like all pagans are.
0.5473 LOL inb4 virgin. Im not and am in a 2 year relationship.
0.5106 if you didnt report it to the police then you enjoyed it.
0.4404 actually metal hospitals are too good for pagans.
0.4201 i completely agree with you.
0.4168 im not "pro-choice" retard.
0.4019 Do us all a favor and overdose on drugs already.
0.3612 sounds like you didnt report it to the police.

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-0.9549 |I'd made out with this girl before but never had sex this statement proves only people who are already stupid and put themselves in dumb situations get raped.
-0.91 the baby has no choice and its different from a hair cut because hair grows back but dick skin that shit never grows back.
-0.8455 WTF is this shit?
-0.7964 you are a dumb slut.
-0.7906 They babble about stupid shit all day and use stones as dildos.
-0.7579 its you're own fault slut.
-0.7506 they should all just drop dead.
-0.729 Why would so many of you upvote this whore?
-0.7269 stop wanting free money from a man because you're a stupid bitch.
-0.6801 fucking whore.
-0.6486 whore. also your mom is probably right.
-0.6255 you are so naive and ignorant.