/u/tupacprelude is kind of a dick.

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0.7351 I've already played Stardew Valley and it was amazing.
0.6597 It's just like a real woman, better when they're not speaking.
0.5994 If you've never met the guy who set you up there's a good chance that he set you up with himself.
0.5719 Rickety Cricket will be thankful
0.5423 Yeah that sure was witty.
0.5379 I busted a gut because this was so unbelievably funny.
0.5095 Who fucking cares?
0.4939 Irish honor system
0.4588 Welcome to real men's Jengle
0.4404 Do you guys think that a normal mask of me might look good?
0.4404 Is that meant to be funny?

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9298 You need to lose weight, you're a cunt but I don't want you to die of a heart attack.
-0.8126 She took the dickhead insult too literally.
-0.7717 Well, you already pissed everyone off with your shitty music.
-0.7543 Not ugly but you're a moron
-0.7506 Well rapists and murderers make their own choices as well.
-0.7269 Suicide is badass
-0.6908 I'd kill myself too if I had to live in Brazil.
-0.6908 Ryan the rape guy
-0.6908 If I were her I'd probably just kill the bullies first.
-0.6369 I've always hated his singing at RHCP concert.
-0.5859 Everybody's dying, bitch.
-0.5719 "Retarded people don't have AIDS by default"