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0.9099 are all completely safe, and any choices only exist to determine which heroine you pursue. The vndb tag [Only Good Endings] may be of some help.
0.8977 Was thrilled to see that you picked up Project Lux! Thanks for answering, and good to see you trying to improve your rep in the community.
0.8881 Thanks a lot for the clarification, I appreciate it! I really hope the fan-disk will be licensed, after completing HoshiMemo I'm dying to play it, especially given how short Mare's route was.
0.8818 Really just a cute, heartwarming yuri romance with a little drama along the way. It doesn't really have multiple routes though, just multiple couples in parallel.
0.8765 A little bit of drama and you might shed a tear along the way, but cute to the point of moe and unambiguously happy endings.
0.8722 But if LB is pretty much the anime with added romance, I'll be picking it up for sure . Less certain about Rewrite.
0.8591 Love me some yuri goodness. But curious that they'll be releasing what is essentially a sequel to a handful of titles that never received official translations?
0.8534 But if you really, really need a romance VN on iOS, IMHHW is your best bet.
0.8519 cautiously interested. On the positive side, it is a release from a company that has made one of my favorite VNs.
0.8402 A good VN has much in similar with a good book, and lots of people still enjoy those.
0.8402 Maybe it did create a new timeline where he survived and lived happily with Hiyori.

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-0.8467 Coming right off Grisaia, character sprites in KS were bad in comparison, backgrounds worse, music completely incomparable and lack of voice acting yet another detractor.
-0.7579 I think, given the choice between the extremes of having to meticulously avoid bad endings and being indifferent to any kind of ending, I prefer the former.
-0.5994 If playing bad endings are required for unlocks or to understand the story, or there is only bad/bittersweet endings, I just avoid the VN entirely, thinking it's not for me.
-0.5719 I'm prone to those kinds of depression.
-0.5267 Anger (got to have a BBM number, and this just takes the cute/heavy juxtaposition way past 11.
-0.4678 A nice novel, but a real terror to get patched up.
-0.4201 Hiyori passes this test by refusing to turn MC into a reaper, and in return, her contract is fully broken and she becomes all human before she actually kisses MC.
-0.3892 And if so, maybe the original timeline still exists, and the now human Hiyori gets to live alone in grief.
-0.3818 At the same time, MC has a dream about the time he originally died, where he wakes up to tell Hiyori how he feels.") [True route ending spoiler](#s "So what does it all mean?
-0.3818 Have cried to most of the titles already mentioned that I have read.
-0.3612 Otherwise, this could be a deal-breaker.   Personal verdict for now: will keep an eye out for news, but no pre-order and unlikely to buy before reading reviews.
-0.3412 My Japanese isn't good enough to glean much from the blog.