/u/tsj00p is slightly positive.

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0.9337 Furthermore its heavily inflated. Cryptocurrency is backed by the freedom it offers, and that freedom is increasingly scarce and a valuable asset these days.
0.8941 The whole Max thing is however a blemish on the CHC cryptocurrency. So we agree to disagree, but I still wish you all the best with your chaincoins!
0.8853 I would just like to welcome you to this great community of Litecoin hodlers.
0.8268 I rather play safe, I'm all in LTC. Ad astra my friends!
0.8176 I would have loved to do the same with CHC as I did with LTC for 4 years, but in my opinion a community should inspire bagholders, not deter them.
0.802 I'll just use my ledger instead and save me the hassle of turning on and off my internet like its 1995. Anyway, you know the advantages the ledger brings now...
0.8016 I wish you all the best bro with your chaincoins!
0.7901 Great time to be alive folks!
0.7901 It is a great time to be alive!
0.7889 OMG so true hahaha.
0.7615 Yes, in two weeks Charlie Lee will reveal the secret of Litecoin to the grand public, but I can tell it to you now because I'm a nice guy.

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-0.8403 Personally it would give me the idea they screwed up badly and to not trust them again.
-0.8402 If people know you are rich, you are suddenly a murderer or rapist and women line up to file charges against you in an attempt to get a slice of the cake.
-0.8047 Everyone is going to sell it off, but no one is wanting to buy, so it will turn out to be a failure.
-0.7906 Unfortunately this doesn't appear to have stopped him from still pulling a scam.
-0.7672 Personally I think we are in a Bullshit market right now with all the FUD roaming around.
-0.7506 Fontas will make these chinese panic sellers cry soon.
-0.7391 Everyone will have some kind of trauma though, as it is very hard to avoid noise in this society.
-0.7065 It is time for decentralized exchanges to flourish, so no exchange will ever be banned again.
-0.698 Tinnitus! I'm considering an MRI without contrast, but I don't want to get out worse than I got in next to being told "they found nothing and can do nothing about it".
-0.6705 But you can still make absolute killings in the smaller, new and upcoming cryptocurrencies or tokens.
-0.659 I disagree with your statement that holding LTC was more difficult.
-0.6486 LTC is like the angry partner screwing you over with partner alimentation if you dump it.