/u/troubletmill is very positive!

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0.975 Don't use PowerPoint I don't have much to add other than the excellent posts here but I wish you very much good luck and hope you enjoy yourself !
0.904 Exactly the approach I took and so far so good, really enjoying it. Thanks for the response also.
0.872 Love this build, thanks for sharing.
0.8675 Very cool friends here is to a speedy recovery and enjoy!!
0.8591 Thanks very much for the response, awesome, I'll have a dig though the links and see if they fit the bill.
0.857 Well I appreciate every response I get, so thanks! For what it's worth I love this game so fuck 'em to those that downvote.
0.7906 An update would be great, thanks again for the reply.
0.7579 Awesome work, look forward to giving it a whirl.
0.7574 Thanks for the link, appreciated!
0.7574 Case is indeed awesome, suits internal lighting very well.
0.7456 Everyone, Keep Calm and Keep Doing Your Thing :D

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-0.765 Fake as fuck.
-0.6597 I'll PM you an Astro chart to trade with faggot.
-0.6369 If they could ban Somalians at major tourist stops next, they have it in the bag.
-0.5994 No problems with it at all.
-0.5574 Because its shit.
-0.5267 Conspiracy theorists watch the gif, instantly jump onto "aliens are here, clench your buttholes"
-0.5106 It's ist a pain in the bollocks.
-0.4767 Hehehe, sad children.
-0.3612 Project cars is notoriously difficult to calibrate, have a look at http://www.racedepartment.com/ for similar questions and answers.
-0.3612 Sore back/ pinched nerve.
-0.2732 Buy dip, unsustainable low.
-0.2431 I really wanted a GT3, so I'm a little unsure if I will purchase or not.