/u/trilia is very positive!

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0.9392 Still, awesome drawing, and that's awesome that you've had such a good friend for so long!
0.9115 Yay, you should definitely read it! Thank you very much for your encouraging words!
0.8553 Thanks again for the photoshop and advice, it is helpful and encouraging!
0.8398 It's not the best...especially the # on her pants, but it was fun to make and I like the colors!
0.8221 I started reading* Drawing by Seeing* last night, and I think it's going to help me see the things I draw differently and hopefully draw more effectively.
0.8126 how's it going new best friend?
0.807 awesome, thanks so much!
0.784 Thank you very much, that looks awesome!
0.7739 Ooh yes, lemons are so good in green drinks!
0.7644 Wow, thank you very much!
0.7263 Thanks again, I hope I get it eventually!

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-0.6466 All Borders were shut down in my state...made me so sad!
-0.5801 Oh man, cried so hard reading it too!
-0.5321 I do use construction lines, but not very effectively.
-0.2617 Although I don't think this Paypal donation is a terrible idea or anything, but are you able to get a library card for now?
-0.1007 Thanks for the answer, it looks similar to Borders and I was jealous!
0.0 I was here.
0.0 I thought that was Cat Kyo, mouse Yuki, and onigiri Tohru on the messenger bag!
0.0 ^_^ I never saw Digimon.
0.0 .
0.0 Alterna-theme!: http://imgur.com/0BlDxOk quick sketch, not much shading.
0.0 I didn't notice before looking at so many pictures of them today.
0.0 http://imgur.com/UIrDWql