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0.923 I would love to own a [Mini Cooper], I just love the way they look and if a Mini is cool enough for Mr Bean it is cool enough for me!
0.8788 This will definitely go into my list of inspiration when the day comes I build my own :D
0.8254 Looks very clean, great job on the design!
0.8197 I haven't got any time at the moment, but I've saved the thread and will definitely check the recording!
0.7845 I have no knowledge of computer security, but after googling those things it sounds like an interesting place to hang out ^^
0.7783 Awesome, I've been interested in learning how to do this.
0.7506 Would channel like security be a place to just talk to people or experts on the matter talking solely about security?
0.6908 It looks interesting :)
0.69 I feel bad for asking one of the expensive games, but "Witcher 3 + expansion" would be awesome!
0.6597 Great footage, and I like the cuts on the music rhythm.
0.6588 Great job OP!

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-0.3595 I lost it at, "Fire taste like fire[!]"
-0.1818 Getting scared by the bus doesn't trigger a fight or flight response for him, he just dabs.
-0.1531 I have no experience with defending a thesis but [this] video explains someone's experience with doing so.
-0.0534 You could add more trees in the background to make it look more like actual woods, with the people walking through an opening in the trees, although it might defeat the purpose of the towers a bit.
-0.0516 Which means: get out/ you can just go ahead and leave
0.0 What numpad is that?
0.0 [Here] you go.
0.0 Voy's [perspective.]
0.0 [Here] you go!
0.0 This [interview]?
0.0 I've never done any woodworking myself and have been eying up a lot of builds made here.
0.0 extra [information]