/u/tribalkief is a total dick!

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0.9022 Then she'll see my devotion to her love through a beautiful form of communication, eh?
0.7876 I have an urge to report you for your constant shitposting and spamming, but my support of a free subreddit outweighs that.
0.7783 Instead I will be devoting my energies on reddit to improving this forum and possibly saving Atheism.
0.6908 See I only care when these people are in positions of power, like the mod team here.
0.6124 Otherwise you would be martyred like BurtonDesque or be in the process like me, eh?
0.6124 The platypus is better than god because the platypus is real.
0.5962 If I am banned, and I certainly have not violated the new rule, I will likely make a new account and support revolutionary Atheism from there.
0.5278 Now we've all fled here, and it's your fault. So do me a fucking favor, don't fuck this place up.
0.5256 I'm very impressed.
0.4939 You can tell us what's bugging you, my friend.
0.4902 If my intent were to do so, I would surely start my own subreddit.

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-0.8795 You see, I wanted you to elaborate on how I'm a "shithead troll who posts shit memes." I take my memes pretty seriously, so that's a very hurtful comment.
-0.8583 By instituting this policy, which gives mods more lateral ban power, /u/spaceghoti has recklessly risked the literal destruction of Atheism on reddit.
-0.836 This reform is Jijian in its nature and needs to be abolished. Tyranny by majority is still tyranny in the same way that being murdered by a lynch mob still kills you.
-0.8164 I understand if you don't like my memes, I don't understand why you're so pissed about the whole thing.
-0.7902 Fuck you you fucking cunt.
-0.765 Are you ashamed for betraying atheism?
-0.7579 You're the one who posted about my "total cunt issues" and what not, which seems fairly angry.
-0.7425 As somebody who was disgusted by what Jij did, I'm very upset because this is simply tyranny by majority.
-0.7096 No, I was speaking of your anger issues.
-0.7096 Once again false trolling accusations are fired at me as I am martyred for Revolutionary Atheism.
-0.7003 By the way, your constant shitposting accusations that you target at me, along with the name calling and what not, are leaving me to believe that you are harassing me, which is against the policy.
-0.6908 No, fuck that.