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0.9392 Best of luck, hope you feel the love on this subreddit!
0.9318 While this doesn't always work out so elegantly, seeking professional help will at the very least help you realize and truly face what you're going through so you can deal with it better.
0.9274 I love hearing success stories like this, it's pretty dang uplifting.
0.9246 I see it like a positive feedback loop - the cleaning is cathartic, then seeing everything clean later only makes me feel better, so I clean again and heal again.
0.9036 Congrats on the PR and more importantly, glad it felt good to wake up.
0.8976 It's not fairytale land, but taking those steps improved my quality of life substantially. If you want or need to talk about any of this, or anything else for that matter, feel free to PM me!
0.8957 Congratulations my friend, I'm happy for you.
0.8941 Congrats on claiming your prize :D
0.8777 Great tips, thanks for sharing!
0.8777 One of the few comments I've saved - cheers! Looks beautiful
0.872 I love the feeling of lacing up shoes, putting on my shitty/cheap watch, and jumping right out the door to freedom.

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-0.8176 Those little reminder-attacks of things I've done in the past that I regret kill me.
-0.7783 In a sense though, I'm letting myself be uncomfortable and ignoring my body's reaction. This seems like a decent mantra for life outside of panic and anxiety.
-0.7184 When I'm stressed, all you need to do is look at my room and see shit everywhere.
-0.6705 I think there is no particular age at which we feel legitimately depressed or not.
-0.6486 I honestly hate that shit.
-0.6486 Trying to keep up with a killer Half Ironman training schedule.
-0.6187 It hurt, it was a horrible run, I was bonking the whole way, had to stop and walk often, but I did it.
-0.6004 Breaking off a relationship is really difficult no matter the situation.
-0.5719 I feel that's the way depression manifests itself within me.
-0.5413 Absolutely destroyed my morning runs and any consistency in my training
-0.5106 I feel your pain.
-0.5106 Also I've gone through periods of my life where increasing training mileage seemed to be inversely proportional to the number of anxiety attacks I had.