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0.95 Oh totally, I just feel like a lot of people could take this way to seriously but yeah, I love how everyone's just having a great time with the button.
0.9387 I've found it pretty cheap as a Japanese import but it seems pretty expensive in English but you're right, it looks like a fantastic game.
0.9348 It is great to welcome new friends into the Grey Hopeful. *Today Grey, Tomorrow Gold!*
0.91 It is to suggest that our restraint, calmness and perseverance *are* gold; that the values we share and learn are special and for that we are rewarded.
0.891 So to the kages I'll say thank you, truly from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the wonderful memories.
0.8779 Let us remember the importance of remaining calm and accepting when reaching out to spread the good word.
0.8625 Though all things are mutable, so long as there are people, so too shall there be the desire to speak, to hear, to share, to enjoy, and to strive for greater goals.
0.8581 I resigned myself to not really caring about the quality of my work but instead cared and focused more on maintaining friendships with the kage.
0.8519 Definitely overkill. Yep, agree with you on the ssd and hdd. Good call on the monitor, about $60 cheaper.
0.8519 For it is by kindness, I believe, that we will be able to sway and gain new supporters.
0.8465 For you see, being a Hopeful isn't about the greed of gold, nay, it is about being virtuous in our grey quest, our quest of making it to the after-timer.

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-0.8384 I really do hate coloring but I can never hate this group.
-0.705 For fifteen weeks my new-found drive kept me coloring and trying to improve but I hated it.
-0.6956 the 5 towers is an accident but ill just divide up the dual lands with other dual lands.
-0.6888 Fear not noble Knights.
-0.6696 Ey who are these "Color cage" people and why are they so bad?
-0.6253 We weren't good but I'll be damned if we weren't equal.
-0.5859 When depression hits you you just stop climbing and walk back down that god forsaken mountain.
-0.5647 I can consistently reach in the 1.34.5xx range but am struggling to get my time down further.]
-0.5106 I must note that I'm still depressed at this point and although I'm back to coloring my heart isn't in it.
-0.4945 I know you said you dont really like it but it's a lot faster than 7, and if you want you can never see the metro interface again by installing something like startisback.
-0.4767 Wrong link?
-0.4404 I had left behind the relationships and friendships I had formed in the group and it killed me inside.