/u/tradgoedia is very positive!

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0.9458 Beautiful colour and beautiful ring, I wish you both the best!!
0.9371 50$/month for the fruit and veg is easily doable :) Lucky me he's got a love for destructable toys haha, I think I might try making my own.
0.9127 Yes please, more winners, more happy people
0.8828 I just do wish we animal folk were nice like you more often :)
0.8779 What a cute momma, I know she's gunna be great :)
0.872 I'm like this with both my bofriend AND best friend.
0.8689 I will be sure to check it everyday, thank you for the advice, and thanks on the birdy butt compliment hehe.
0.8625 These are awesome, thank you for making them :)
0.8588 1 is super rad too though shamefully I had to look up how to get the best ending haha!
0.8588 Just ordered from 'em, eager to get my cards :) [edit] Got my package yesterday, professionally wrapped up and some were even sleeved, very happy with them.
0.8588 I don't have a PS4 so this would just make my christmas! Good luck to everyone :3

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-0.765 Would there be harm in me buying a used broken one and letting him figure things out with it?
-0.7579 I've always wanted to explore abandoned buildings, have you had any notable bad experiences?
-0.7346 Thank you, I have severe anxiety so that comment really shook me up :( I worry so much about my bird being safe and now I just feel like an idiot.
-0.6705 The site is blocked at my work because of "potential criminal actvities".
-0.6566 That's so crazy, fire in a water store?
-0.6124 Sometimes when I forget words my mouth auto fills another one in even though I know it's wrong.
-0.5994 Otherwise there are no problems.
-0.597 Nooo, nothing like that haha!
-0.5719 I'd hate for someone to start driving with the little birdies still on the tire.
-0.4937 Conures are such little troublemakers!
-0.4588 dosent hurt to be able to go first most of the time in battle either :)
-0.4404 What a grouchy looking gremlin.