/u/tp1212 is a total dick!

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0.93 I wish for only positive outcome universes to be created from further wishes and for the universe to continue existing. positive universe: I wish for heaven. Negative universe: **winks out*
0.8122 dammit, I threw away a perfectly good design for nothing!
0.6834 I don't want people to litter, I don't by extension hate everyone who litters, as they might not be bad people because of just that.
0.6369 Okay, I agree, it is an important piece of 20th century literature. It was still written by someone who is now generally recognized as at least a bit of an asshole.
0.6124 Well, maybe its built to tip out for easy cleaning.
0.5859 Some kind of phrenology based beauty measurement/makeup planning device?
0.5023 I did notice the blocker, but it seemed like too much effort compared to http://www.gfycat.com/AbleCraftyGannet
0.4927 Quite certain if you got lambasted every day in day out you would experience significant psychological drawbacks from that .
0.4019 If those in fatpeoplehate wanted to change the obesity rate, they would donate to education and funding for healthy food for those people.
0.34 Checkpoint for security patrol? http://www.guard1.com/Hardware/Checkpoints.aspx
0.296 http://www.datagenetics.com/blog/november12013/ It took my phone about 2 seconds longer to decipher it but it scans just fine.

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-0.93 Some percentage of a hateful community will act out of that hate, and the more hateful that community becomes, the more of that community will act on that hate.
-0.9217 Racism for example is considered bad, because race is a mostly meaningless social construct that got associated with all sorts of harmful nonsense.
-0.8176 If someone incites to harassment and violence they need to be prevented from doing so.
-0.802 If you got a large group together and go and hate me, I would be unable to continue using this account, because I would get harassed by the more extreme members of that group.
-0.7101 Just because we as a society decide to hang on to it rather than to try and destroy it doesn't make it a good example of how to behave.
-0.6914 Ergo, hating them isn't useful.
-0.6765 Hating them doesn't help them.
-0.6705 I suppose you could say the same of fatpeoplehate, that you should remember what shits they where, as a warning to people.
-0.6486 Problem is, when you create a community to go and hate people, that community does not exist in a vacuum.
-0.5994 Which when using a proper hashing system would take slightly longer than the heat death of the universe.
-0.5994 Hate has a strong tendency to lead to harm.
-0.5719 Some of the members of that group will take action based on that hate.