/u/towelie_poo is very positive!

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0.9422 yes, so true i'll hit you up when i'm free for sure. I've said yes to so many ppl already and it backfired lol.
0.9204 I could use more of both myself I don't have them up often tho so gotta mail me in game whenever u need em. I like running them occasionally for fun and would love to have more friends.
0.9186 I can't seem to find it... but u said we're already friends right? if so, then it's all good :)
0.9134 but that urd/sanada board b4 a shiva was pretty epic. nice clear dude!
0.8795 Would be nice to have more friends for sure. I can slot either fenrir up too np, just msg me.
0.8793 only plan to use him for fun when i feel like it but definitely nice to have a fenrir to use when i need one.
0.8562 have him up often but I like to cycle leads often too I got all your leads hypered tho so that's a bonus id is 331106335
0.8555 tnx dont always have em up but nice to have friends that uses em when needed
0.8439 gj on the clear team looks legit for sure and very flexible too
0.836 once 4x comes, am hoping to get her and have her hypered for u :3 pls make room for plebs like me
0.8221 just hypered mine and would love to have more friends too 331-106-335

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5994 Phys killer-water res-water res-phys killer or Phys killer-water res-phys killer if u wanna save some 6th latent tama. This way it's gonna look like 2 guys are crossing swords
-0.5106 Now that sounds like slavery to me.
-0.5106 radra and I did it co-op mode it's possible to 0-stone it single player mode with radra as well but am too scared to even try it
-0.5044 A month or so in, u haven't even scratched the surface yet so give it a chance But on a more serious note, rip padragnarok QQ.
-0.4964 i'd love to but am still working on a 2-3 month project of mine QQ won't get her ready til end of this month at least seems like but u can add me for future coop if u have room 331-106-335
-0.4404 If dc, gotto go solo else 25stam = 0+ :(
-0.4404 Now they're all gone :(
-0.4019 is parv annoying or what?
-0.128 I'm anxious to use her but am trying to be patient i'm working on hypering mine from scratch by feeding max leveled evoed dupes so it'll take a while.
-0.1027 push button too hard
-0.0772 Sorry about that
-0.0772 sorry, am still studying then will got sleep after Keepo