/u/touchdowntonabbey is very positive!

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0.912 A quality photographer is going to ensure you look great, so don't stress and focus on having fun.
0.891 Dane hugs = the best hugs
0.8455 They are typical snuggle Danes and would LOVE the hugs
0.836 She is pretty healthy and cute as can be.
0.836 You definitely want to encourage a slow, steady growth rate- and since Danes grow so explosively the first 8 months...
0.8356 Owning a Dane is such a joy - they are big sweethearts!
0.8271 I'm super optimistic- like everyone else.
0.8126 She certainly is the Goodest girl sweet, sweet eyes.
0.8042 The 5 dollar pigs don't last too long, but they are on the cheaper end and really love them.
0.7783 Dane's are amazing dogs- welcome to the club.
0.7717 I personally like Hill better, but honestly it's a coin toss between CMike and Hill.

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-0.824 I check r/wedding planning about 75x a day. ALSO- 16 days out and EVERYONE in my office is sick with a NASTY cold.
-0.7852 I like Andy Dalton this year, but his first two games are against the Ravens and the Texans- not super friendly defenses...
-0.6757 Our defense has played pretty well, but our offensive line is terrible.
-0.6643 Yeah- I would probably not go 0RB, but I don't think what you drafted is a bad team!
-0.6249 I think the first few weeks are going to continue to be brutal for Dalton until his very young o line gives him at least .5 seconds to get rid of the ball.
-0.5719 is she stealing younique from an NFL stadium?
-0.5574 I know he was fired from Miami as OC a couple years back.
-0.5574 Rob Gronkowski 5.
-0.5504 I don't hate this team- but I don't love it either.
-0.4767 I don't think that you can go wrong there.
-0.4767 I also don't think starting both is a terrible move.
-0.474 Quite a bamboozle!