/u/totally_legits is a total dick!

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0.836 Funny question you asked/ Anyways I was good friends with a guy at my school.
0.7809 I stay down for a good minute but dont hear nothin and my friend look out da window and sees a coon wearin a chicken mask runnin with a big ass pistol in his hand and i was thinking well god damn!
0.7408 So funny lol
0.7096 Wow people dont even have a sense of humor these days...
0.5766 Hey everyone heres the roast beef Im gonna eat tonight... YEAH NO ONE CARES YOU FAT OAF
0.5719 My pleasure
0.4939 I dont know what your friend saw in that old hag...
0.4767 I was chillin at my friends house when we hear gunshots.
0.4767 Respect for you Mr.Vankr.
0.4404 Good guy Donald paying exact change.
0.4404 I bet 50$ you was trying to impress a chick.

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-0.9423 Some random guy comes up to me and says "Remember what I told you." i had no hell of a clue who the hell this guy was and it creeped the fuck outta me.
-0.9372 I can't agree more, while what the facebook person said was crap, all the racist shit I see here is worse
-0.9106 Seriously your still whining about that shit even after she LOST? Also the question was about Donald Trump you dumb cuck.
-0.8979 Again, stealing shit from garbage cans is illegal in 5 continents.
-0.8807 Yeah it was a hate crime he literally said he hated white people
-0.8658 If problems with racism against WHITE PEOPLE are such a burden why dont you make a movement to end it /s
-0.8268 oh DID I, IM SO SORRY MR.ZIPDIPDOW FOR THE INCONVENIENCE. Yeah if you didnt figure out already i dont give a milky brown shit
-0.802 I hate how no one wants to admit that they are wrong.
-0.7992 I dont know who your trying to fool here with this shit.
-0.793 Only dead people can have their visage featured on dollar bills its the law. You guys are so ignorant.
-0.7906 Sorry for being such a douchebag in the previous comment because im naturally annoying.
-0.7884 It seems like every university has a complex ass website and its really starting to kill me.