/u/topukeko is kind of a dick.

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0.8186 Oh yeah, because that's much better and totally not a bad precedent at all!
0.802 Freedom of speech doesn't have limits, or it's no longer freedom of speech.
0.7783 some zero rating programs still allowed in the US - not net neutrality, but close to it with only this exception). Same goes for freedom of speech.
0.7269 It's definitely to also gain new customers, in part directly and in part through brand awareness with those already aware of the brand.
0.6858 But so is restricting free speech of others or pretending nazi messages aren't part of free speech.
0.6808 He does understand the meaning of "freedom of speech" and that the moment you restrict it, it's no longer freedom of speech.
0.6757 You think it works well, but honestly, how can you even know this?
0.654 And that's the best case scenario, in reality people checking the news will not leave their office.
0.6369 That only serves to prove my point: Not freedom of speech.
0.6369 Freedom of speech is absolute.

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-0.9196 It's legislation that shouldn't exist in the first place and just because abuse can be detected doesn't mean it's okay for the legislation to exist or that the abuse will be punished at all.
-0.9087 Because drinking food isn't as efficient, inhaling stuff makes your lungs go bad, and shoving it up your ass doesn't work because food goes in the wrong direction.
-0.8807 Right, he posted that fucking wall of text but he's just a liar. Fuck off.
-0.8658 they're starving for attention they don't get from most people because they're ugly fat pieces of shit?
-0.8225 War IS injustice.
-0.7655 Got anything to prove him wrong or are you just gonna be a little bitch about it?
-0.7546 War doesn't know winners.
-0.7434 I mean I don't like the guy but come the fuck on.
-0.743 The messages themselves do no harm anyone in the same way that supporting Trump or Erdogan do not harm anyone, despite the actors of the ideology behind these messages doing otherwise.
-0.7269 No matter how much you disagree with something. Yeah, nazi messages are shit.
-0.7269 There is indeed no justification for war.
-0.7269 There is no justification for war.